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May 12, 2015


I like the ones where the camera isn't evident. 6. is the best one in my view because it isn't so clearly a self-portrait.

I love them all but particularly the one of you and Jonathan. Those stances!

Each (save "Waiting for Metrobus") includes classical Mexican motifs, with you floating in there. And I have a soft spot for you in the cutout plane!

Oh, these are beautiful!

All interesting photos, Beth. My favourite is the top one for many reasons, one being the accidental and intriguing juxtaposition of the letters "fasci..."(with the rest of the word fascination not clearly seen). I initially read that as 'fascism' and then looked up at those imperialistic columns (which of course are meant to refer to cactus) and was reminded of Mussolini and fascist architecture in Italy! Then there's your reflection as observer or recorder of this quirky chain of associations...Fascinante!

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