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June 28, 2015


These were taken in Berlin, between June 17 and 22. I'm back in Montreal now.

Wow, Berlin? How very exciting! Lovely photos.

Would love to hear more about your trip.
I recognize the second one: detail of Giovanni Bellini, presentation of Christ in the temple, at the Gemäldegalerie.

Berlin! Eine Reise wert, (worth a trip, they say.) I was there at the time of the opening of the new Parliament of united Germany. Unluckily, I looked like a Turk to the residents so the Berliners treated me like dirt. I imagine or like to believe it's not that way any more.
Great photos and stunning art!

Thanks, Marja-Leena! It was very exciting to be there, even for a short time!

Andrea, I hope to write about it eventually! That painting is actually by Mantegna but you have everything else right -- what I didn't know and just discovered is that Mantegna was married to Bellini's sister! How about that? Whatever its origin, it's a gorgeous, sensitive painting.

Hattie, I think things have changed quite a bit but obviously I'm no expert. I had two cab rides with a Turkish and Kurdish drivers, respectively, and both told me they were happy in Berlin. There is Turkish food everywhere. I was staying in the former East Berlin and found it hip, reconstructed, vibrant- though there is no apparent division anymore at all, at least that I could see.

Wonderful- evocative, moody city scenes.

I missed these pictures until I saw my blog roll just now. They are beautiful and really give a feel of the place. I like especially the ones where you've composed the paintings in the picture.

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