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June 05, 2015


Lovely photos.

Such a nice shot of you and your dad! Neither of you ever ages.....please tell him hi from our family!!!

These photographs are gorgeous and they remind me of the forest here at Scarborough. I like the fact that you are wearing green too. It is a colour I will never tire of. And I too, for the first time in my life saw a deer beside the river in the forest. It is something I will never forget.

Great photo of the two of you! Well, the four of you...

And that first picture of the lake is breathtaking.

So wonderful and life affirming. I recognize Babe Ruth,but who is the other batter?

Glad to see your father still looking so good!

Definitely next time!

That's a terrific photo! Isn't that Joe DiMaggio with Ruth?

beautiful pics.Thanks. Think thats Ted Williams with the Babe

Very daring of you to use "verdant", I don't have that kind of courage. I've always thought it belonged to the same genre of expression as "idyll" and "halcyon", words whose meanings were not entirely certain and were in any case only used by poets.

Despite my inadequacy in this matter I have seen two of BBHoF's residents in action: the late and much lamented Roberto Clementi, winner of many Golden Glove awards, and Sandy Koufax who suffered the opposite of apotheosis when he descended from the sublime heights of the pitcher's mound to become the world's worst sports commentator. Sic transit...

I leave irrelevant comments of this sort behind me in order to prove that I have not - in the words of certain noncomformists - yet been translated into glory.

Beth: A friend of mine visiting here looked through How Many Roads and adores it.As do I.

Stunning photos of a stunning place. You're lucky to have grown up there and to have it still part of your inner geography. Wish you could have got a picture of the deer too!
You and your Dad...such a moving, lovely image. I can see the strong connection between you. He's still a handsome man, isn't he?

Wooah! I imagine a paradise as I was seeing the stunning photos and views. Great blog! How about shrubs and garden accessories experts as well providing landscaping services.

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