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July 30, 2015


Canada is far from perfect, but yesterday it went up a notch. WELCOME.

Congratulations; I too found the ceremony moving and meaningful. After 44 years in Canada I remain grateful that this country welcomed me, and you, too.

Congratulations, Beth!

While I only moved from English Canada to Québec, and so much was familiar to me, much was also new. Not understanding the language and culture, and not having the usual ties of friends and community, meant that I lost as well as gained in the move. Mine was not an immigrant experience, but, like you, it has helped me to empathize with the experiences of others. I too think of the many people – women, men and children – who are at this moment trying to escape from wars, violence and poverty. They carry hope with them. I ask, like you do, why are our hearts and borders so closed?

Thank you for coming to Canada.

Congratulations! I look forward to reading your reflections on this event.

Belated congratulations, Beth! I read and enjoyed your post when it first came out but only now finally had the time to come back and comment. How wonderful to have it selected for the Gazette - bravo! Now we are fellow Canadians, both immigrants but with a very different beginning in this country. You may wish to beging to explore more of this land, such as the west coast.... hint, hint.

Kia ora Beth,
Congratulations...you give me much food for thought. It is an issue that I have wrestled with for years.


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