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July 07, 2015


This leaves me with a poignant feeling. At the same time the fellow--how shall I describe it--slightly disappoints me. (Probably projecting things onto it based on my own unsatisfying conversations with elderly men.)

Well, there's a cliffhanger! I wonder if he ever got on the plane -- as you must be wondering, too. In a way, you lucked into a fellow traveler who was willing to have a conversation and not continue it till you were ready to scream.


The moments where one decides to engage, or not, fascinate me. So much is read, communicated, considered in a second or two.

BTW, for those who've been wondering, I went to Berlin for five days in the middle of June for a rendezvous with Teju, who was in Germany on a literary residency and book tour for the month. While there I also met Magda Kapa for the first time.

Kia ora Bet
It seems such a vivid moment. Alive and relevant in a place where are usually so perfunctory. Kia ora!

Sorry...Beth, not Bet...

I am betting he wasn't going to get on that plane at all. And that he is a holocaust survivor.


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