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August 04, 2015


I think I recognize those people in the picture, in spite of their mosquito nets and bear bells!!!
Such a lovely, lovely post Beth. Damn I missed this, but at least I have your pictures. What you have featured is truly unusual and intriguing.

Thank you Beth for your beautiful images and thoughts on our walk. You have pictured the forest garden within the forest, full of beautiful flowers and other marvelous plants, all in miniature. Truly a faerie garden at our feet!

And Priya, I hope that you will be able to see it yourself some day.

Kia ora Beth,
One of the gifts my bad hip gave me before I had it replaced was slowing down. Instead of just getting from place to place being forced to go slower opened up the forest and mountains in that micro sense. I love nothing better than to arrive at a hut and spend a few days just roaming pack free nearby and finding the lichens, mosses, ferns, ect. in the beautiful arrangements nature puts them in. The best gardens ever...

I would love to see such a beautiful place, even with bears and mosquitoes. Lovely photos.

I am reflecting these days on how what we see is a reflection of what we bring to it. I am now on the west coast and everywhere I look I see an image by Emily Carr ... the omnipresent blue and green, the passing clouds and shifting light, and the broad strokes of wide sea or dense forest. What you have shown us is your attentive regard for the beauty of small things.

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