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September 16, 2015


Ooh, lucky you! I wish I could travel there, having only been at the airport during a refueling stop in the late 60's. I loved your postings from your last trip and look forward to more. Bon voyage!

Oh, by the way, do you know the research and writings about Iceland by Nancy Marie Brown? I've read a couple of her books and enjoy her blog http://nancymariebrown.blogspot.ca/

Hi Marja-Leena, and thanks for the good wishes! Yes, I do know Nancy Marie Brown's blog and books - she's terrific, and I envy all the time she spends in Iceland doing research and traveling around. She really knows the country inside out, it seems.

So exciting, Beth! Much looking forward to your next reports and artworks after this trip.

I've seen Iceland from the air and been to the airport and that's it. Maybe some day...

Iceland is on my 'bucket list', post cancer treatments :)

Have a great trip. You might be interested in 2 books by Nancy Marie Brown (from Vermont, I believe). They are Far Traveler and Ivory Vikings. She bases the books on the Icelandic and other sagas.

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