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September 10, 2015


Kia ora Beth,
I really enjoyed this post and identify with the attributes of living in a different land impacting my life. Kiwi's have that "she'll be right mate" attitude that has infiltrated my American frantic ness quite nicely. Hope you are still enjoying that glass of wine e hoa.

I enjoyed your post, Beth!
Congratulations for your new Canadian passports.
Are we, French Canadian, so different than Americans in our way of living?
I often have the impression than money, stressful work and importance of material richness have taken control of our life...
Oh yes, enjoying a good wine in great company is still important but....

Truest bit in this: "and maybe French Canadians in particular."

Lovely thoughts and photos.... and congrats on the passports and voting! xxxGTH

How exciting to be voting in Canada. I hope you will throw the rascals out!
Yes, the insecurity caused by a safety net with so many holes in it is driving people crazy. Don't let this happen to Canada.

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