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October 19, 2015


Beautifully written, Beth. I feel like this as well, " when I see a woman in a niqab I usually feel disturbed, and sometimes angry, especially if she seems to be following subserviently after a man. Personally, I wish no woman felt she needed to wear one, and particularly wish no woman would ever be pressured into veiling her own face," I guess I should feel the compassion you did toward the Jewish and Muslim...but Sharia should not exist and the same way orthodox men treat women (so they shave their hair and wear a wig instead of niqab)......well I do support religious freedom (even Scientology :-) but I like the French way in schools...not yamulke, no crosses, no head scarves, etc.

Yes, I have this kind of visceral reaction to seeing someone all covered up like that, but the more I see this the less it bothers me.
Good luck on your election. It worried me for a while that Canadians were too comfortable and complacent about the state of their country, always being able to look south at the U.S. and imagine that things could never get as bad for them. Well, now they are awake.

Wonderful post! I feel the same way. We're much more likely to encourage women out of their coverings if we first accept them the way they present themselves. Harper demonized and he appealed to our baser, xenophobic instincts. Today's glorious election headlines have proved that we're better than that!

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