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October 08, 2015



Breathtakingly beautiful, dramatic and powerful, all!

What an amazing trip! Just catching up here - couldn't really appreciate these on my little tablet screen when I was away. Gorgeous photos, all of them. But I really love that last one.

What an amazing physical and, I imagine, spiritual journey.

Spectacular landscape but quite frightening to me - like finding one's self alone on the moon with no hope of returning to earth. Jonathan in that photo looks the way I would feel! Your photos and the video really capture the atmosphere.


I have been following your posts on your visit to Iceland with great interest. Now that our trip to the Netherlands and Belgium is out of the way, we are really looking forward to our trip to Iceland later this year.

Can't wait to see the paintings that come out of this.

Eerie. And then the last scene, with the beautiful little plants, comes as a relief.

Awesome, in the truest sense of the word.

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