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December 09, 2015


Beth, I love the way these images evolve alongside your words, each stage having its own charm and function and the final object incorporating them all. A tangible meditation.

Lovely, meditative pace in the folding of paper and the unfolding of words. A paradoxical opposition and marriage.

So much I'm nodding agreement with, as I read this, and also much that pushes me along corollary paths of thought. I had higher hopes, myself, for settling into wider swathes of quiet and stillness in the first term of my retirement, but it's taking longer than I expected, and I'm becoming impatient or restless, already, with the stillness I haven't yet reached. If that makes sense at all. I suppose I've become habituated to being always busy, always productive, and I don't trust yet to surrender to stillness. Nor will it arrive when my life has those numerous obligations and commitments that persist, not surprisingly, beyond those of paid work. Meditative activity -- knitting, running, walking, -- is probably a good way to allow the stillness to creep up....
And I love the way you married photos to text here.

How I came to slow my thoughts down long enough to jump onto this beautiful train of thought of yours, I do not know.
Beth, you express what so many people feel. We appear to chain our bodies to a lifestyle that simply uses our bodies as a container, but rarely utilizes it fully..
I am in a position in life where I can no longer dive into projects and grand schemes or even read a whole book without difficulty and careful planning. I wonder at my body and what it is made to do, and so I move as much as I can and keep fit and strong, in order to...
Sit at a computer much of the day as one once would spend hours in front of a television. I like to feel that the internet is less passive than television, but the truth is that much of the time I am reading other people's ideas, and passively absorbing the work of others.
I have pulled myself away from that great manmade wheel of progress and can now just observe, and I now wonder what 'progress' really means. What is being aimed at? So I sing, and make music, write poetry sometimes, and generally I would say I reflect on life a lot.
The return of decent grammar and form to my brain would be useful. Writing is structurally so different to speech... It bends my thoughts awkwardly these days.
In the meantime I look at these beautiful origami creations and recognize how hand, mind, imagination and skill have come into play here.
And that I appreciate.

I second Natalie's comment. Beautiful and thoughtful post, both the visuals and the words.

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