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December 19, 2015


Strange winter. Here in London too it's unseasonally warm and it's been very wet, flooding in parts of the country.

Your description, Beth, as always are full of the music of words, sounds, scents, sights.

I don't know if you noticed that "faux saints" is also a play on word for "faux seins", or "fake breasts" :)

SEASON'S GRATITUDE (Because the familiar phrases at this time of year don't work for me.)
For being serious in the best senses of the word (considered, untrivial, informed, communicative); for knowing and loving music and being able and willing to pass on this knowledge and love; for being devout and thus meeting Eliot's observation: the English are in the main not religious but are fascinated by those that are; for being well-read; for seeming to benefit from the twin worlds of Canada and the USA; for writing frankly, including several years ago, a description of being kissed; for having and sharing a rich background.

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