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March 02, 2016


OK, I guess the Hotel Cathedral.. Nice drawings..I have enjoyed that kind of time in Df now and then.

One can walk over to the Esmeralda and draw the model in the evenings.

How do you decide when to try to draw a detail and when you've got enough?

Fine sketches. Sorry you were ill but still managed to sketch all these, hurrah!

I like all these impressions,Beth, especially the Metropolitan Cathedral...and the bathroom...and the fish dinner! I trust Spring will arrive early in Montreal so you can bask in sunlight again and I hope you've recovered from the bronchial problem.

The subjects you've chosen are really difficult to tackle (in my opinion!) but your drawings have turned out great. The drawing of shrimp shells and the Metropolitan cathedral are my favourites.
We have exotic dog owners here too. Their St.Bernards live in their air-conditioned homes. At least the owner is taking the dog for a walk in your sketch. Here it is the security guy or gardener who does that. I thought $12.99 for a bunch of flowers?! But at the florists here, a giant bunch of lilies (ones that grow along the pavements in Montreal in summer) or special chrysanthemums cost that much. At least it is a really really big bouquet.

These are all wonderful -- thank you for sharing them!

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