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April 25, 2016


I just met an artist friend for lunch, and chatting with her has motivated me to see if I can sneak at least a smidgen of drawing into my days, even if they're busy with packing. And then I come to this post and I'm even more inspired by your words. My results will never be as accomplished as either of yours, but my Is-ness gets closer to the world's infinite Is-nesses when I concentrate in drawing. She showed me the little pouch of very basic supplies she carries always, and I'm off to assemble my own version -- funny, I do that when traveling but haven't made space for it in my days here, yet out and about in the city there are always moments for observation and were I supplied, those could be opportunities for recording as well...

I have a large forsythia outside my bedroom window and it is in full bloom in today's morning snow. Love your loose watercolor style.

do I sense a self portrait coming along ?

The jewelers I have met on my new job carry little metal tins, like the boxes a small set of pastels come in. They often wrap their stones in small flannel squares. This way of noticing, so attentive and yet light- I love that... and your drawing.

That is really nice, Beth, and it reminds me of seeing forsythia in bloom in April in New Jersey, driving home from the hospital with my first baby.

Like your Thoreauian way of owning / stealing!

An illusion of easy carelessness in a made thing is hard to gain and always beautiful.

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