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April 05, 2016


Years ago a colleague, a Lebanese-Canadian, said she didn't want to get married because, as she put it, "All my mother does all day is chop parsley."

I love that!

My own mother-in-law loved to cook but also, at times, resented it. I'm glad she was willing to do it though - both for the great meals she made us and for the recipes I learned from her. Mostly only by watching, though, she never let us help much in her tiny, cluttered kitchens, and she never wrote down the recipes. As a member of the next generation, I'm neither expected nor willing to do those labor-intensive recipes regularly, but I'm glad I know how. This weekend was a learning time for our niece, who had always wanted to know how to make kibbeh, starting with twice-ground lamb and beef from a good butcher. I'm afraid we usually buy it at Adonis now, but it felt good to make it from scratch - and the result was so delicious!

Good reminder to me to pick up bunches of parsley and mint and the market tomorrow!

One of my childhood memories is my mother sending me to the garden to cut sprigs of parsley, but being very "American, she used it mainly for garnish. It was not till I was in a more cosmopolitan college atmosphere that I discovered parsley as a flavour.

I love the idea of a bouquet of herbs and wildflowers.

I am the same with mint and coriander, essential for tissanes and curries :)


It's been a long time since I visited your blog as Code Name Nora. It's beautiful and your art is really wonderful. It reminds me just a tiny bit of my daughter's. She's at Kate McPhee Studio (through Google). I'm still writing as you may see on my blog (very amateurish and neglected but I just made a post. Yes, I must confess I have a motive for commenting.).

So good to hear from you, Mary, and to know you're writing. I'll go over to your blog this afternoon!

The pesto variation sounds good. I'll have to mention it to my man, the Cook of all cooks...

Like your green exploration--I do think that green looks best in many hues. As Mother Nature does it.

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