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April 23, 2016


Stunning photos! Love your description of spring in the east, while here on the Pacific coast it is so different, being green all year with earlier springs.

Thoughts on your mother's passing are very understandable! I often think of both my parents, gone in '88 and '92. Take care....

Beth, I am thinking of you and holding you in my heart as you remember your mother.
Thank you for the beautiful thoughts, for the photos ...
yes, it turns out that years as a measure of time are not what they once meant to us. But any time without access to one's mother is too long.

And ten years pass so fast, don't they.

Ten years without her physical presence but, I will venture, not a day without her in your heart, her voice in your head, the ways she taught you to do things echoed in your own life, and traces of her in your appearance. How indelible our mother is for us, even after many years of her absence.

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