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June 07, 2016


"Umbrella Feeling Guilty For Not Having Accompanied You"

But what a wonderful prose poem the rain gave you, dear Beth!

Beth I was so alarmed when I read about the drips during Evensong that I hastened to alert those who might inform the engineers who keep watch over the building. This time the leaks were not a sign of failing structure. Instead, "all the [recent] repairs worked. However as part of the exploration on the tower and the bell we have loosened a number of panels and surfaces, and as the rain was so extraordinary it got in."
Me, I vote for the Voice of the Turtle.
Thank you for reminding me

Hah! Yes, I love my cheetah umbrella and was sorry not to have it with me, but sort of glad I got soaked and "found" this piece of writing. Thanks, Natalie.

;-) Thank you, Vivian. I'm relieved to hear what the engineers said! I had never been up to the top of La Baie before, which is (obviously to you I'm sure) where these photos were taken from, but I went up and had lunch in the rather sad-looking cafeteria with not-so-bad food, and the excellent view of our building.

Our condo building, once a church, has a similar copper roof. The board and condo developer inspect and we have never-ending work done, but we still had a serious leak due to one severe cold snap last winter, which cracked some masonry near a join.

I remember this constant rainy day and felt sorry effect on the cyclists' event.

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