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June 02, 2016


You and Jon must cook a pizza for me one day in my kitchen - I insist!
There are so many pizzerias and take-away pizza counters in London (several in my own neighbourhood)that it's impossible to know which are worth trying and which to pass by. There's a homely, genuinely Italian Mamma/Papa little place (with proper oven) just down the road which I've been meaning to try - now you've whetted my pizza taste-buds, I will.

A few comments: Sally's Apizza also has a coal-fired oven and in my mind, has the best pizza in New Haven. While their clam topping, I'll admit, is not quite as tasty as Pepe's, the sauce, the crust, and the potato-rosemary pie are all winners!

We live right near Springfield, MA, --and my husband grew up here -- and I'm sorry to say we'd never heard of Springfield Pizza.

I make pizza at home on a regular basis, also, and have tried all sorts of variations of doughs, pans, screens, bar pizza, grandma pies, etc. and love them all. We recently had pizza at a fabulous place in Portland, OR, Ken's Artisan Pizza, and I now have his book "Elements of Pizza". I highly recommend both the pizza (so worth a trip to the Northwest) and his book. I'm also now the proud owner of a NerdChef pizza steel and am very happy with the results.

So glad I found your blog and shop!

I'm doing pretty well with dough made in my bread machine but I haven't yet gotten the crust to puff up like that. I guess I am a bit afraid of trying to get my oven as high as it will go or maybe I should try a pizza stone or the tiles. I read about a way of baking a pizza in a pre-heated cast iron pan. We'll see if I get braver with my experiments since it makes so much sense to make your own.

I can attest how fabulous Jonathan's pizzas are, but this one takes the...pie!

Trying to encourage D. to get back into it; he gave away his stones when we moved, but with Dante just down the street, they can be restored.

Yum. You know, this post reminds me of an old joke: a woman lying in bed in the wee hours of the morning wishes the guy she's just slept with would turn into a pizza.

I never knew! That there was so much to know about pizzas or that you and J were such aficionados!

Our nearest and one of our favourite eateries is a pizza and pasta restaurant, mainly because we like the woman who runs it and she makes it so nice, Tom's not a fan of either food really. The pizzas are OK; French pizzas tend to be thin crusted which I like. You can get Breton ones here with andouillette on them, bleugh!

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