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July 03, 2016


Lovely sense of ease and rapidity, Beth. Pax tecum.

How you •do• that, Beth! What flows out to the page!

I saw that article; I am always grateful when media cover acts of intentional kindness or positive change, which is rare. Usually they are stoking the polarizing enemy images of us vs them.

We in the UK have lurched from Brexit (EU) to Chilcot (Iraq) - both abject failures of government... it's hard to know where to start. Both should never have happened; didn't need to happen; have caused havoc. Both were about personal political ambition, absolute lies, and total disregard of consequences. So depressing.

Dear Beth, reading your recent blogs and particularly wallowing in your drawings has been a great gift this morning. Thanks and love.

And yes, I enjoyed the article about the ways that Canadians are welcoming refugees from Syria (or elsewhere). One bit of sanity amidst all the rest.

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