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September 28, 2016


Tried FB - for about a day! Google I am completely in the dark about. BUT!......soap boxes were used at Hyde Park Corner (speakers' corner) in London.

Thanks for the links, Beth. I'd already read the Sullivan article (great clickbait title!) and he expresses what is clearly a common condition. Something similar snapped in me on the morning of the 23 June and Brexit - regardless of the result - when I swore off Twitter and many other sites entirely. For a few months I was quite doctrinare and have largely changed my internet habits. If I want to visit a site I must type the address into the browser or use a few carefully selected bookmarks, so your continuing dedication to blogging brings me pleasure.
I do realise I'm cutting myself off from a current of information - so many good books have been found via the internet - and may have to modify my stance, but perhaps it's important just to have a stance? I don't know.
And have seen soap boxes in use at Hyde Park Corner...

For the time being I am surrendering to the Borg. A political junkie, I can't let go of my fascination with the Clinton vs. Trump thing. The debate was earth shaking. I will re-assess after the election.

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