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January 19, 2017


Persimmons, hope, patience. Too easy for me to avoid talking with people whose response to President Obama's departure was,, "Finally!" I am waiting for this administration to act on (or not) the election promises. Then we will see what is real, and what is projection.

Yes, we can!

Thank you for the comment, Duchesse. I worry that readers will see false optimism in what I wrote here; actually I feel very grim today and think we will be waiting a very long time before there is any resolution to the disaster we're headed toward. But I think it's also important to say that for all his admirable qualities and accomplishments, Obama leaves a legacy of bombing and drone warfare that has done incalculable damage. Surveillance has increased, incursions into privacy have increased, countless "Homeland Security" dollars have been spent, and the world is not one bit safer. Meanwhile the 1% have gained, Wall Street has been supported, and the presidency has become even more remote and protected. I am not a fan of neoliberalism, so even if Hillary (who I voted for) were being sworn in today, I wouldn't be happy except for the fact that she is a woman -- I'd see her election as the significantly lesser evil. The fact that so many well-meaning people turn a blind eye to all of this is deeply discouraging. The bottom line is that until the primary value driving politics is equality and love for all people, in all their diversity, we will continue to have a system of a very few winners and a great many losers, where the aspects of common life that sustain our spirits are slashed to bits because they are considered expendable by those who do not need to rely on anything that is shared. In the meantime, we have to take care of each other.

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