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February 07, 2017


I love loooove this photo, Beth, with that marvellous hat (hood?) and scarf framing your wonderful face. A Dutch painting, maybe, but far more lively and joyous. By the way, a hairstyle like this would really suit you!

It's 3pm and I just came back indoors after spending an hour trying to break the ice in the driveway so that we can go in and out without killing ourselves. I'm sure the mailman took one look at the driveway and gave up on bringing us the mail today. My recently retired neighbour (who, I suspect, is bored to death with her new life), had been out there picking at the ice since 10am, with only a very short lunch break.

At one point, I was spreading salt on the ice in the sloping driveway and I just started to involuntarily slide down towards the street. I just let myself go, knowing there was no point in fighting my graceful descent on this improvised "patinoire". My neighbour lifted her eyes from her ice axe and watched me slowly slide down. We laughed and got back to work.

So yeah. You have to be crazy to live here :)

I remember winter in Montreal! We had Canadian army coats bought for 5.00. Looked like the monkey army in Wizard of Oz. I remember going out for a walk one Christmas Day when it was 25 below.
Here in the Whites, January was 8 degrees above normal.
Get some silk long underwear if you insist on wearing jeans in winter! You can get them to just below your knee.
I have some great winter pants with a soft lining, from one of the sport clothes places. The outer layer is some kind of fine woven material. They're not pretty but comfortable not matter how cold and comfortable indoors too.
I don't wear jeans until spring.

I love your photo! I remember the first winter here, there was a big snowbank outside our place, and it suddenly started heaving Turned out a three year old had made himself a little fort, and was in his imagination, conducting some kind of raid. I watched a snowsuited leg emerge, then the other, and finally a mittened hand, which was clutching... a croissant. A true Montréaler.

I agree with Sharyn, get long underwear, it will change your life. I have the silk kind she advises (LL Bean) but for the very coldest days they're not warm enough-the lightest ski weight ones then. Or those soft-shell snowboard pants she mentions, but you do need two layers, not one.

Bitter day here! Lots of new snow and wind and more new flakes. I wore so many layers, I became two of me.

I have no trouble forgetting politics and doing my work. I've always been that way, though--I have never had the bug for the political. I think about things, and then I forget. No doubt it is a flaw, according to most people.

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