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February 09, 2017


I've invoked a Facebook furlough, not that I was on it much. I prefer to receive the friends' feelings about the political situation, from fury to fear, in person.

After a cancer diagnosis, I find that the temper of the time suits my disease.
I have virtually no energy but have discovered that what sustains me is short visits from friends, long telephone conversations with other people important to me and the constant companionship and support from my husband. Blogging is satisfying,too, because I have such good blogger friends. So I discover to my surprise that I am more extroverted than I thought! I also set aside at least an hour a day when I just sit and relax and think. I look forward to that time.
I am still passionately interested in politics. I cheered when Flynn went down! The absurdity of the circus going on becomes almost a form of entertainment, even though it really is quite a grim situation.
So that's where I find myself now.

"The absurdity of the circus going on becomes almost a form of entertainment, even though it really is quite a grim situation."

Hattie - I so agree about the circus... I was reading about Trump's new US ambassador to Austria yesterday - no diplomatic experience - he's going to Austria and he's already going on about loving the Sound of Music and how he's seen it 75 times and knows all the songs and the words. I'm sure Austria is fascinated!

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

Duchesse: smart move. I check FB a couple of times a day, and link to these blog posts, but I've vowed not to enter the political fray on social media. Actually, it makes me depressed and frustrated to read how worked up everyone there is; it would be better to channel that energy more constructively.

Hattie, I've been thinking of you a lot - even though we've never met in person I certainly consider you a friend, and I care about you. Your ongoing engagement with the political circus inspires me, and I always appreciate your comments on, yes, the grim absurdity of it all.

Anna, it's good to hear from you. Here in Canada we are also astonished by the potential choice of Sarah Palin as ambassador; the idiocy and cluelessness of these people might be amusing if they weren't so offensive.

Do you remember the interview with Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, along the lines of - What experience do you have of foreign policy vis a vis Russia? Their planes fly over Alaska a lot.

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