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April 06, 2017


Great, Nice to see them once in a while!! Zalce I have always been charmed by.

These are wonderful!

Wonderful, strong stuff. Dynamic. I see the German influence!

Terrific, especially Zaice.

Beth, you put so much care and attention into your posts, it's sad that so few people come to blogs nowadays. It didn't used to be like this, as all we long-time bloggers know! I'm not lamenting progress, just wondering if it is indeed progress when success, in social media terms, is measured by how fast people can read what one has to say and how little time needs to be given to responding. Yes it's encouraging to get many 'likes' on FB but isn't it more encouraging when visitors actually engage with something one has taken the trouble to communicate?

Thank you, Sam, Leslee, Hattie.

Natalie, yes, it's frustrating, I completely agree. I was happy to see a boost in visits for these two posts about printmaking - largely because I shared the link on FB with a group I belong to called Linocut Friends, which is quite active. If I didn't link my posts to FB my traffic would be even less, but I refuse to spend much time there. I suppose to some extent the blog still functions like a diary for me - it is a record of what I find important and interesting, and want to explore, so it satisfies that desire in me, and if others find something of value here too, then that's great. I miss the old days of blogging very much, though; we've lost that sense of interaction and community because everyone's attention is scattered over so many places. You and I and a few others are still here though, and I'm glad for that!

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