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May 23, 2017


Thoughtful and beautiful reflections and images, Beth. I identify with your comments on the grief of losing those we loved and still love and whose lives we were so deeply entangled with. I still miss my parents very much but can now be more detached about some aspects of my rapport with them over the years. I can see them better, perhaps, as individuals separate from me who lived years before I was born and who lived experiences I can never know much about. I sometimes have vivid dreams in which my mother and/or my father appear just as they were and it makes me wonder about after-life...is there such a thing? The question is absurd as there is no acceptable answer. Still, we ask it.

Beautiful post, in many many ways. I wish I could draw an appropriate response. Maybe I'll take a picture...

Lovely post. I wrote more but deleted it. Your post made me think strange thoughts. And I suppose that is good.

This is so beautiful and haunting, Beth. And your newest paintings are very fine, I think. xx

Enjoyed this post Beth - very thought provoking. And always enjoy your paintings and the thoughts they conjure. Thanks!

Your thoughts resonate deeply and are much appreciated. Lovely images as well. Late night but wanted to thank you for these gifts you share.

Oh, Beth, this post is so beautiful. I am moved by your description of grief as a series of gates through which we must pass. And I love the painting you just completed -- and seeing it juxtaposed with all the rest.

At times, the guardians step away to permit passage, but can only rarely be accessed by will or request. I treasure the dreams in which my parents appear and always wake longing for another glimpse, soon. They are never together, not sure what this means, or perhaps it would be unbearable.

Returning home, you are in a natural setting to grieve yet another anniversary.

Thanks for sharing Beth. Miss you guys <3

Beth, Your writing is brilliant. And I love your watercolors also. Like you I am moving away from working for a living and towards finding out what work I want to do for myself. I hope you'll come out with a book combining your word and art.

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