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June 01, 2017


I love line drawings in particular because they are definite, even when they are not detailed. I think it's because of my nearsightedness: they are easy to look at. I hope you do go on drawing them. And enjoying them too!

What di you do with brick?

I bought some acrylics, brushes and canvases and have been happily painting childlike pictures
An artist I am not
An adult playing like a kid, that's me :)

These are great, Beth; I especially like the third drawing and the contrast between the fruit and flowers. Such simplicity and control is no mean feat. I recently went to the Giacometti exhibition at Tate Modern where they had a film of him painting and it was the complete opposite: repeated strokes describing the same line. Thanks for sharing, as always.


I like the way you continue to explore and evolve in your work, and I like it a lot that you share the process.

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