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July 11, 2017


I like your interpretation. How hard it is to stay calm and centered sometimes. (Feeling provoked, I failed miserably yesterday.)

Yep, me too, Andrea.

What a beautiful interpretation of an intriguing dream Love how the lake indicates safety and the swans are the messengers and how wonderful that the dream shows you being calm and centered

I too see this is a significant dream and that it links to other themes in past dreams indicates ( to me) a continuation of your life, an affirmation. You going to the water's edge to address something seems crucial; you did not remain an observer or witness, albeit a sensitive one- rather, you engaged. And, you have not in this particular dream diminished or lost yourself in doing so. White swans- symbols of beauty and grace, in this dream cared for by a benevolent ferryman- I am reminded reading this that someone told me, "You are every person in your dream, not just one."

Fascinating dream, Beth, and so beautifully remembered. The intriguing thing about dreams is that they can be interpreted in so many ways by whoever is dreaming, or being told the dream. Like a bottomless well of meanings. It strikes me as I read yours that I hardly ever have dreams in which nature features prominently, or at all.

I often dream of being in perilous situations on ladders and rooves,(spell check is scolding me for "rooves") scrambling or clinging motionless to avoid a fall. I never fall, but the predicament never resolves in the dream. In the latest, Tom Fagan places a ladder to rescue me, but I don't trust his ladder placement enough to use it. And I think it was Tom who recently told me, (possibly by way of his brother Mike, and echoing Duchesse above) that "everyone in your dream is you".

Wonderful to find a twitter link to this, this morning, which is punctuated locally with the not-usual sound of supersonic aircraft. May your lake long reign as a royal touchstone in your inner domain!

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