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July 28, 2017


Beautiful. Wishing you and Jonathan a Shabbat shalom and a restorative weekend.

Enjoy your visitors. Human contact seems to blow away all the abstract worries.

Agree totally with your thoughts Beth. Glad you and J onathan had the insight to move to a more tolerant and welcoming country. Enjoy your visitors and can't wait to see you two.

mmm, so nice. It has gotten so extreme, you ask yourself, can it be real? And no, it's not. The real thing is you making art and sharing love, and writing words that fill the hearts of your readers with joy. The consciousness of Americans brought this leadership into being, and now we're working to bring something else into being. We will. And you have always been a potent force in that effort. Thank you.

Thank you, Rachel and Peter.

Kathy, we can't wait to see you two as well!

Laura, thank you so much. Words like these are what keep me writing and trying; we all need to help each other. I appreciate you writing this very much.

I still do not understand what is happening in America
How is it possible?

But yes, art and yarns and chilling in the park are good xxx

Too much indulgence of people's lowest instincts has led us to this impasse.

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