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September 02, 2017


The flowers in the window look like a walking bird. Glad to know you are well.

Hi Beth. I read Pond a while back, and heard her read from it. I found it weirdly funny.

Beautiful photos, Beth. Good to hear you're in full productive swing! I do admire your discipline and will-power. I wish I could say the same but there's been a long period of...what to call it...stuckness? Anyway I'm coming out of it now and there's an interesting commission I'll be starting on shortly - will mention it soon.

Much love to you and Jonathan.

The blond rocks and the mansard roof in the Block Island photos triggered a memory for me of a week we spent with my parents there to commemorate their 50th anniversary. Mom was well into the Alzheimer's by then, but was cheerful and cooperative in spite of being very vague. We explored the beaches and the town, and ate at the various lunch places. I still have some souvenirs and (much disapproved of by my sister) several of those blond rocks.

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