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October 05, 2017


Your picture shows so much that is right with the world. I think it's my favourite of the pictures painted by you that I've seen. Will you show us the original when we have our book get-together?

Thank you, Beth, for acknowledging and making space for the silence, too. It is a grace to know that one is not alone in the sorrow - and it is a grace to gaze into this landscape ...

So much to love in this post (the emphasis on guarding words until we're ready to articulate thoughtfully and precisely; the possibility and importance of hope) and in this painting (I'm mesmerized by the way it invites me to see as if from a distance but also pulls me into intricacies that need a closer view -- the blue flowers in that foreground, particularly). . .

Beth, that painting is beautiful, and I love also seeing it in progress / alongside the implements of its creation.

Beth, wonderful painting and photo of it with its materials. Almost edible, the way a fabulous dish looks before it's consumed.

I agree this painting is one of my favorite of yours - the field in the forefront just beautiful! Thanks for articulating how many of us feel is these troubled times....

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