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December 31, 2017


Beautiful Beth. Love reading your words and and always feel better afterwards. Your writing is soothing to the soul. Great talking with you two on Christmas and wishing us all a better year than last...we have to remain optimistic. Xxoooo

Well said, and thought-provoking on a day when cold radiates from the walls and the wind moans at the corners of the house. Happy new year, and may the coming months bring you happiness.

I miss the ocean. I also miss the two of you! Looking forward to seeing you in 2018.

Thank you for writing about the ocean today and sharing your ocean photographs. The Pacific Ocean was one of my first loves. The ocean scene at Cefalù, Sicily, looks very much like what I know of parts of the Big Sur coast and the Mendocino Coast and the San Mateo County coast in California. While doing a restorative yoga pose many years ago, I noticed that relaxed breathing through my nose sounds just like waves breaking peacefully on a sandy beach. That perception brought me a feeling of well-being that I can be in touch with at any time. Although I lived near the ocean until I was 24 years old and visited the Pacific Ocean at least once a year for many years, I have not been to the ocean since 2008. In spring of 2018, I plan to visit the ocean again. Kind wishes for the New Year!

Thanks for this, Beth. I, too, am consoled by the ocean, though I don't live on its edge. But close enough to get there far more often than I do...

I've just written my will, but recently discovered the Jewish concept of the Ethical Will. I'm having a very hard time thinking what I could say in one, but I'm going to have a go.

Happy New Year, Beth, and may the mythic, nigh-eternal sea wash away troubles of day.

This is beautiful. Yes, this, so much.

amazing photos!!

I grew up on the Great Lakes, which have a sealike feel simply because of their vastness, and I miss the wildest, Lake Superior, the most. When I am dismayed, nothing calms me like the sea, and I summon the memory of several vantage points in particular. These photos are beautiful.

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