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March 20, 2018


It's extraordinary to me to recognize that you've been blogging for 15 years and that we've known each other for -- well, if not quite *that* long, close to it! I am endlessly glad that our mutual online presences brought us into each others' spheres, literary and personal, online and off. I am so grateful for your words and your presence. The Cassandra Pages continues to be an oasis for me in an increasingly challenging internet. I'm glad you are there.

Definitely thinking about this. What complicates things is that my blogging previously was pseudonymous, so the transition from "known" social media person to "semi-known" blogger is going to be trickier than it was in the other direction.

It seems incredible that it has been 15 years! I do miss those early years of engagement we had in our community of bloggers but I can't blame the times or social media or anything else for my choice to have dropped my blog. Your blog here has been a beacon and an inspiration.

I keep trying to come up with ways to blog again, but I feel so far swept out to sea that I don't seem to be able to drop that blog anchor anywhere these days.

As someone who has read on and off over the years (I can no longer remember how I stumbled into this space), I have thoroughly enjoyed being along for the ride. Long may it continue.

Beth, felicitations and happy 15th blogday! Indeed we are among the few remainers in the blogging community, at least in our blogging community, I can't speak for others I don't know about. I'm with you on all that you've said in this post. I'd love to ditch Facebook, especially in the light of the latest revelations (last Sunday's Observer was full of the story) but for the moment it's the only place I get regular feedback and that does matter. Would those FB friendships continue if I dropped FB? I don't know. Continuing to share your thoughts and images online via Cassandra, regardless of whether anyone responds, that's admirable and much braver, more consistent than I am. You've reminded me that I too started blogging 15 years ago next month and it really is time for a change and a deep look at what's next. Thank you for every one of those 15 Cassandra blogyears. A caress to the lovely petite Manon for me and hugs to you and Jonathan.

Beth as you know I am not a blogger but a lifelong friend who cherishes your friendship and always feels closer to you after reading the Cassandra pages. Since we can no longer be close in proximity since your move having your words to read means more than you can imagine...thank you and give that J a kiss from me!

Although I didn't say so at the time (which is a wonder) I imagined your conversion to Canada was something of a whim. Now, for once, silence has proved golden and I'm delighted to commend you on such an act of principle.

I had the chance to become a US citizen but VR said it would have been a mistake for a variety of reasons. No blot on the US but this was the case although there were periods (one lasting almost five years) when I doubted the decision. Now I receive a small US pension and Trump reigns but this hardly compares with your much sterner choice.

You have integrated (eg, the choir) and been an excellent ambassador for the country "to the north". It has been a good thing.

15 years. Years that I've so enjoyed reading your words. I remember finding you shortly after my John got sick and reading you through that long time really helped me. In fact, I think John found you online first. Your writing has helped me to think deeper about things and clarify my thoughts. I look for you more on Instagram these days and click back to the blog when you indicate that you've written something longer. I am so worried about our country. Tomorrow I'm strapping on my gym shoes and marching with the kids against guns in Chicago. So literally just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to live with kindness.Congratulations on 15 years! Looking forward to many more.

Fifteen years is like a centenary in blog time! I found you through a bloglist on "As Time Goes By" and am ever grateful.

I still appreciate the power of the internet as an aggregator, making possible posts such as yours on guns. In the old days, that would have required assiduous clipping or hours of research. For me, that's powerful- and I trade it off on marketers knowing my bra size.

I worked for many years with a major internet service provider, and one of the first things a colleague told me was, "Never forget that when you go to the Internet, the Internet comes to you."

Happy 15th, Cassandra Pages! Hope you'll keep on keepin' on.

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