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April 26, 2018


Wow, there weren't that many skyscrapers when I was last in Mexico City, and no pink taxis! Sounds like you found an ideal apt. for your stay this time.

I totally share your appreciation of the warmth, vitality and approachability of the people and the ambiance. As you know, my background is not Anglo Saxon and I've always felt more in tune with other cultures and places. Sometimes wonder why I settled in the UK. Though it's home now, deep inside I'm Mexican, Paraguayan, Brazilian, Italian, Russian, French. If there was a country mixing all of those, plus some Middle Eastern notes, I'd move there.

Oh, I like these! Art happens on the edge of chaos anyway--always something out of nothing--so this seems a wonderful challenge.

You are addicted to Mexico City, it seems. (Not sure, but I think Peru might be my favorite country to the South. So far, anyway!) You always make the city seem packed with life. As it is...

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