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April 01, 2018


I thought I'd been stumped. Having clicked your link I was presented with three options "pour accéder rapidement à l'écoute en direct de Radio VM depuis votre tablette ou téléphone intelligent...", none of which I had at my disposal. Chrome and Firefox I had tried and rejected because they interfered with Blogger; Safari had always remained an unopened book. And then I noticed the simple Play symbol associated with a volume control and I found myself listening to a man, speaking remarkably accessible French, summarising the events of the Resurrection.

This is still continuing after 25 minutes 36 seconds, having been interrupted twice by an unaccompanied tenor singing what sounded like plain-song liturgy lasting, in each case, not much longer than a minute. Amazingly I still cannot be sure I'm hearing a recording or a real-time broadcast since I set all this in motion at 9 pm GMT on Easter Sunday.

Ah, at approximately 32 minutes I am listening to the unaccompanied full choir singing what sounds like one of the psalms (eg, Magnificat, Te Deum, etc) that form a regular part of the Anglican services.

The man, presumably a priest, is still going at 40 minutes, is becoming hoarse and appears to be tiring; the gaps at the end of his paragraphs are lengthening. We have reached "Le tombeau est ouvert"

At 53 minutes he says "En conclusion..."

At 57 minutes he says it again and the full choir fades in to sing something ancient very much on the beat.

Now we're into trailers.

Whoops, I'm over-habituated to the 24-hour clock. All the above started at 9 am.

Dear Beth,
I just caught up on some of your blog posts. I really appreciate them. Also, I just purchased the book you wrote about Gene Robinson (at the ReCover Store in WRJ) and hope to read it soon -- only a decade late, right? Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you too.

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