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March 19, 2019


Hey you two!

Fabulous marvellous masks! You should do theatrical design! And I love the top Athens watercolour. Are you going back to Greece? Any stop-overs in London on the agenda?

So sorry you're having more dental torture - I totally empathise.
Much love to you and J.

How wonderful!

These behind-the-scenes explanations about painting go straight to my heart. So lively yet so professional. I feel churlish not taking advantage of them but, as you know, I have other fish to fry. Tomorrow (Monday) will be my singing lesson. It's perhaps fanciful - even blasphemous - to suggest I feel an imminent sense of grace. Oh well, its secular equivalent. An hour of concentration on tiny details that only we, as singers, would notice. Then bursts of audible creativity which, in a very minor way, echo the sentiments of Faulkner's Nobel Prize speech:

"to create out of the materials of the human spirit something which did not exist before."

Hubris is only spitting distance away. But you know all about this elevated state for you, like V my teacher, belong to that privileged elite, working sopranos. And, no doubt about it, sopranos get to sing the best tunes despite what tenors say. I know whereof I speak. Rehearsing Purcell's duet "My dearest, my fairest" alone at home is difficult as you can imagine. Not least because I find myself wanting to sing some of the soprano lines as well. Notably:

"O why are love's hours so short and so sweet?"


Perhaps you could do for singing what you have done for painting. And I could overload your comments column with what the hymn describes as "sounding praise".

These are so lovely! The colors are so clear and pure. I'm cleaning out my jewelry tools and redoing my bench with my art stuff. Could you post a list of your favorite pallet with the exact names of the paints? I took some lessons years ago but this time I am just going to experiment.

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