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April 15, 2019


Touching post and very touching video...

Heartfelt from my dear friend Beth who knows me and my music better than anybody. I owe her a great debt!

At eighty an instrument would have been a step too far, hence I opted for the voice. But I have a Yamaha keyboard on which - ignoring the accompaniment - I may, one-handedly, help myself along the vocal line where necessary.

And then, when I've grasped the melody, I occasionally pick it out from the blacks and whites so that I may listen in a way that's impossible when I sing. All terribly amateurish. But one note follows another, as written, and it's a form of music.

Your post is a wonderful surprise since I didn't realise your keyboard skills were so elevated. And your delight in four-handed work finds an echo here with me as I engage with Purcell's "My Dearest, My Fairest". Solos are all very well but duets are the sunlit uplands. To make even imperfect music with V - the sheer fizz when the notes (or absence of notes) fall into agreement as required - takes me into the realm of communal human endeavour which writing cannot match. In which we are more than the sum of our parts.

What an affair you have had with that 1895 Steinway! A practical passion! And however sad you must be at the parting you must be reassured that it is going to a good home. Anything else would have been a crime.

Plus, of course, the musical friendship you have shared with Jon. I sing whenever possible, but when I can't I want to talk about songs, nerdy half-tone problems with runs, swells that indicate emotion, those delicate occasions when, perhaps, one may "let go". Great to have such an asset. Many times blessed.

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