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May 18, 2019


>> There is no better way to counter the destructive negativity of the current political world than to allow creativity and love to flow through ourselves and outward.>>

AMEN. Thank you.


I'm sending this link to an artist we met in St. Nazaire France. He publishes his travel journals, Carnet de Voyages. I have one of Morocco. I think you will like what he has done. I have one of his paintings and it is a treasure.

Sharyn, you're quite right, I love seeing his work! Thank you very much.

Surely to change the world, people who love to create add to the world.... by bringing good and true and beautiful things into being, and also by volunteering for good causes. At least, that is how I--a mote in a crowded world--choose to see it.

Hi Beth, and he is a wonderful character! Met him while staying with our friends in St. Nazaire. We were at the market having coffee and met him and his wife. Went back to their house and bought a painting. He has a fantastic kitchen and says it is his passion.

Thank you for your words and inspiration. I like your idea of sketchbook (or in my case, painting) as bulwark against all that's difficult in the world today -- but also perhaps one way to continue paying attention to the world and appreciating its gifts.

Jean V

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