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May 20, 2019


Dear Beth--Patrick always said that if he had one impossible wish it would be to hear Bach himself playing his organ works. Who knows but that this might be granted to him... Love and sympathy to you & your fellow choir members. Vivian

I'm so sorry you've lost such a great friend and inspiration.
Your tribute really gives a sense of Patrick and his work.
Much love

Thank you very much, Vivian. You knew him for a lot longer than I did - I never heard him express that wish but I can well imagine it! Who knows...

Thank you, Jean. I'm really sad today, but it wasn't unexpected -- he's been in and out of hospital for the past year, and looked very thin and drawn the last time I saw him. A precipitous decline in less than a year since retirement. Lots of people are writing about him on FB; he touched so many of us.

Thank you. He did indeed touch so many of us with his genius and his kindness and humanity. We all loved him. I am very sad at this news, especially for dear Rob who is one of my favourite people in the world.

Triste d'apprendre le départ de votre ami. Je sais que c'est quelqu'un qui était très cher à vos yeux et avec qui vous avez passé de bons moments. Je vous envoie mes pensées chaleureuses.

Dear Beth, I‘m very sorry for your loss. Sometimes there is no need for many words to read a big friendship between the lines. My thoughts go out to you and the ones who mourn him.
Love, M.

A friendship in music. I may just about understand your loss. In even the most detailed and repetitive practice music generates the grip that binds those involved in common purpose. Mine with V is merely that of basic student and teacher, you - at a much higher level - have shared moments of creation with Patrick. I can only dream of such intensity.

At the core is the sharing. The moment (for me) when after twenty minutes of close analysis we embark on yet another run-through and - wondrously - I sense V's acknowledgement of progress: in the freeing of the piano accompaniment, in the more pronounced swells of her soprano voice. You will have known variants of this and much much more, the joy of meeting numinous goals together with another human being. In retrospect an intellectual as well as an emotional delight that lasts and lasts. And will, I am sure, endure through the pain.

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