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June 17, 2019


Myself, I have always been drawn to the unfrequented areas near railroad facilities. Bainbridge had several ruined factories along the tracks during its industrial heyday, long before I was born. They fascinated me, and so I have enjoyed what you’ve done here, especially the chain link!

I like ‘em.

My favourite of these is the third one down, trees and grapevines - it has depth and structure as well as a lovely,free abstract feeling. Bravo Beth!

My only suggestion for this great project is that you go bolder with colour, intensify,exaggerate and interpret. A green is not necessarily green, sometimes it can be pure blue, or yellow, or black etc. Colour rather than tone, you know?

"the environment is just not very beautiful... a grim subject for my art". I hadn't realised this distinction between painting and writing (fiction that is). Provided it fitted the short story, novel or sonnet, I'd be searching out the grim stuff. Believing however casually that the appropriate language would lead to a more varied vocabulary, to a greater vigour. Aware that I needed all the help I could get. "A pig at a trough," as my father often said when reviewing my many failures as a youthful human being.

I think your decision to paint the hole in the fence was inspired on a whole handful of levels. And that you responded beautifully (I use the adverb advisedly) to that decision.

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