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February 17, 2020


Brava for learning this tool! I can see how useful it will be for various projects and at same time I have never enjoyed a video of a single painting; just when I want to take something in, off it goes, elsewhere. Yet, I did appreciate the zoom feature, allwong me to see detail.

I was born too early. There isn't time for me to learn how to animate immobile images, especially since I've just made a few faltering steps in resuming a novel I started in 2015 and which has been stuck at 45,000 words for ages.

But I can see the fascination. Just to make things more interesting and more personal why don't you write a poem intended to be accompanied by a melody you already know (a hymn tune, for instance, to keep things simple). Which you then record a capella and integrate with a newly animated version of one of your paintings. I fear there's a degree of malice here. I hardly regard myself a poet but I was tempted to do just this (but without the painting), using Handel's setting of Silent Witness as my musical base. It proved to be fiendishly difficult. Writing a poem that scans properly is difficult enough; writing one that matches the exigencies of a melody raises the bar tenfold.

However, just imagine, the final thing would be all yours. But not quite. To ensure 100% domination you'd have to write the melody as well. Provided you found enough time fit in eating, drinking and sleeping. Bonne chance!

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