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February 22, 2020


You sparked a strong memory there. I clearly remember riding a bus -- several times -- from Utica to Binghamton in a somewhat quixotic effort to make it easier for my folks to pick me up for a school holiday. It was early or late winter. Bored or depressed or something, I stared out through the bare trees at the remains of the O&W right of way, interrupted by farmers' earthworks, looked for vestiges of the Chenango Canal and saw a lot of fields that look like your drawings.

Oh yep, lots of country around Geneva has this look and feel. Really nice work!!

Lovely. And I almost felt I recognized the last one as off 20...

Beautiful, Beth, the smooth white empty spaces and scratchy lines.

These drawings remind me of those in old Reader's Digests that I used to save up for their illustrations. The monochrome blue and the starkness that you've captured is very much winter.

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