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March 28, 2020


I have decided to have days when I suspend reading about the virus, no matter how eloquent the expression. The great outpouring reflects our efforts to understand, control, create a frame in which we can operate, if not feel fully alive. How many days is yet undertermined but for now, itwo days off per week is good for my equilibrium.

There will always be persons who choose to believe wild theories and unfounded stories. I have an extended family member who still believes the AIDS virus is God's judgement and no amount of science will sway her.

I read it too. Recognised its very special form of irony as each step dealt with dithering delay, followed by prejudice and overlaid with ignorance. Perhaps a modern-day version of one of the bitterer OT prophets.

write everything.

one thing we have to instruct us in these times is firsthand accounts from the 1918 flu. what unravelled the time line of what actually happened for us was the firsthand accounts.

maybe your diary of how you feel and what you know is not useful NOW (i'm going to argue that it is) but historians of a hundred years from now facing that fairly predictable paandemic will look us us for some idea of what it's like, how we got by.

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