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March 17, 2020


The President, however, cannot muster a coherent sentence let alone iambic pentameter.

I love this, especially your depiction of our mad "king." So apt for this time, and also a contrast with how we've most of us lived our lives assuming medicine can cure any ill that may befall us.

I am supposed to be working at home through all this, and lucky I can of course. But to what time code do I charge anxiety and distraction? It will mostly come out of my paid time off pool, unless I get sick or have to care for Dennis if he does - at least we can get paid time for that, which is certainly something. At any rate, I have little extra time for creative pursuits but maybe on the weekend. The week has been filled with ordering groceries, driving into town to get more of Dennis's things and medicines from his apartment, getting prescriptions filled, and generally sorting out how this is going to all work. But we're getting there. Last night I slept for 8 solid hours for the first time in about a week or so.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your diary. I just read them all now and planning to keep up.

Much love.

Leslee, belated thanks for this. I know exactly what you mean about how the days have been filled up. I haven't gotten enough sleep either. And since you wrote this comment, things have probably changed even more. Someone said that each day feels like a week, there's so much information, worry, and stuff to do packed into it. I keep hoping I'll find quiet time, but so far there hasn't been much. Thanks for keeping up here, and all the best...

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