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March 23, 2020


What a hard thing.

Thank you, but it's not really, compared to what so many people are dealing with, or what any of us could face.

Beth, wonderful love-letter to your creative space but I hope the separation is temporary. Will you be able to renew the lease when it expires or else find another studio? I hope and trust that when this crisis is over, though much will have changed, you and Jonathan will once again have the 'room of your own' that you need. I love the photo - your terrific drawings on the wall and the lovely vintage school desk.

Manon the cat now totally in control of your apartment, no way will she accept to live apart from you again.

Thinking of you and Jonathan.

The studio's there, that's the thing, preserved for future decisions. And that last line... I was so glad to read that. I wake every morning thinking of how to make the day count, even in the smallest way, and I look at your print. Means so much to me.

Thanks, Natalie -- yes, we should be able to renew the lease if we decide to, but the rent is likely to go up because of new owners and lots of renovations. We shall see. And you're right about Manon, she's taken over!

Rachel, thank you.

Duchesse, yes, it's still there, and yet it's more important to remember that last line every day. I'm so glad that you enjoy your print, it means a lot to me too!

Oh, that is a difficult space to leave, Beth! Au revoir, though, not adieu.

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