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April 09, 2020


I'm always baffled by this. Pilate says he has examined Christ and has "found no fault in this man touching those things whereof ye accuse him" However, it's traditional to release a prisoner at the time of the Passover. Which is it to be: Christ or the insurrectionist Barabbas? An - alas - undefined multitude chooses Barabbas.

Pilate is, apparently, well aware that "for envy... the chief priests had delivered (Christ) up" for these proceedings but that his (Pilate's) role is to act as a sort of honest broker regarding popular opinion. It could be said that this is a very light-handed form of tyranny. Yet Pilate and, by implication, the Romans are seen as domineering or, at least, connivers in the wishes of an anti-Christian priesthood. Presumably the multitude is priest-driven.

Modern-day politics wastes an awful lot of time on blame. However, given that blame plays a significant part in the rationale behind the launch of Christianity, I would appreciate a little more clarity on who deserves disapprobation. Is there, in fact, an "official" view.

On the other hand, perhaps this the wrong time to ask.

Beth, your post deeply resonates with me, too deeply to express in this box but I hope we'll talk again in real life when this crisis time passes....may it pass soon! I wish you and Jonathan a peaceful Easter and much love always.

Your masks are terrific! It would lift the spirits of anyone wearing them.

Thank you for this post, Beth. Thinking of you and yours.

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