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May 30, 2020


Beth, thanks for focusing on this urgent issue in your usual attentive and heartfelt way. This latest outrage against a human being who happened not to be white, as well as the appalling actions of that woman in Central Park against a not-white man, as well as the ongoing racism which keeps on thriving in the USA and elsewhere, I feel such rage that I can well understand a crowd of protesters setting fire to things even though, of course, it results in brutal retaliation and condemnation from the misfit who sits in the White House tweeting his so-called Presidency.

I don't understand why the Democratic Party and/or others who are aware and deeply concerned, are not organising huge, effective, efficient and totally legal public actions against the poison of racism and all its effects around the country. Those who perpetrate it, defend it or tolerate it or pretend it doesn't exist are not going to change.

I was in the midst of the 1968 events you describe, a student at a large university near Detroit, and participated in actions sponsored by a militant anti-war organization. Even before the time you describe were the Detroit Riots of summer 1967, similar to the current riots.This current incident, yet another murder of a black person by a white policeman. (I do not understand why the charge is 3d degree manslaughter.) The public can march, but when the justice system is this dysfunctional, such citizens' outrage are necessary but not sufficient.

A long hot summer indeed.

The United States is like a huge, lumbering ocean liner with a lot of momentum keeping it moving in a straight line. Like an ocean liner, it cannot turn on a dime, and the Obama years amounted to the captain ordering a long, slow turn. Then Trump came in with his unexpected mutiny and cancelled everything just as the rudder was starting to kick in.

It saddens me when people blame the Obama administration for not doing enough. Under the circumstances, it did as much as it could, I think, under the circumstances. It should have been the beginning of the beginning of real change, something that would take many years to really play out. But the whole thing was scuttled before it got a chance to get going.

The soundtrack for today's events has already been written.
The first song is "Who's side are you on?"
Hopefully it may be clear that entrism into old-line political parties is an exercise in futility. It does not work for Labour or the NDP, and it will not work with the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party may in fact be the thing holding the whole white supremacist state together. They certainly have a history of it, and "Cracker Joe" Biden (as they are calling him on Twitter) did not seem to learn. The Democratic Party is going to distract and suppress real activists and con them into thinking that a political agenda will make it through the terminally deadlocked congress.
The only thing that fascists understand is superior force. That is the only thing that makes them crawl back into the holes from which they came.

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