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August 16, 2020


I went through a similar experience this weekend. I was not in the best of moods this week but, motivated by a lovely and inexpensive Italian typewriter to acquire, we took a day trip to the Eastern Townships yesterday. We took our bikes with us and started with a long morning ride along the canal Chambly. We then got back in the car and drove to Bedford to get the typewriter. It was so nice to be on the road and in nature that we ended up extending our trip for a couple of hours, stopping to get ice coffees and then bottles of wine at the Orpailleur. I realized on the way back home that I had forgotten that I was in a bad mood. Now if only we had a good friend with a chalet on a lake! I miss being by the water. That's all that's really missing to my summers. ;) (I have no desire to acquire such a property. One house is enough to take care of!)

How wonderful. It looks idyllic.

Martine, I hope you'll show us pictures of your new typewriter! And I'm glad this travel-cure worked for you too. That rooster really captivated Jonathan and he took much better pictures of it than I did. It was just fun to see the animals as well as the landscape...and the corn and tomatoes were fabulous!

Kim, thanks for commenting. It felt pretty idyllic, you're right -- but I also know what those fields look and feel like in January!

That rooster has an operatic voice!

Lovely post, Beth, I can almost smell the country air.

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