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October 05, 2020


The People Trump Comes Home To: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/10/trump-putting-white-house-staff-risk-covid-19/616617/

More terrifying by far than Trump's antics is the fact that a lot of potential voters (Millions, in fact) still approve of everything he does. For most of us Trump is a distant menace - a hurricane presently offshore - but some of these fevered individuals could be living just a few doors away. Just waiting to grab hold of the latest conspiracy theory (It was the Democrats who infected the president.) as an excuse to gun down an imaginary Antifa.

Since I live 3545 miles away from Washington DC you might think I felt safe. But the guy who cleans my windows, otherwise a more or less normal if uneducated Brit, let me know at the time of the previous presidential election that he liked the cut of Trump's jib; "a chap who could get things done". Hmmm, I said.

As to uneducated how about that person, mercifully living on your side of the Atlantic, who recently tweeted: had anyone noticed that it was only prominent Republicans who were being infected. Therefore it had to be Democrats who were responsible.

Yes, Trump is theoretically in charge. But he apparently resonates with an awful lot of people, some of them living outside the US, notably those who nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize. It's getting harder and harder to adhere to Schiller's exhortation:

Seid umschlungen Millionen, diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt.

Though it is despicable, it is no surprise. A psychiatrist friend mused that Trump’s blatant lack of protection (the West Wing has had cases all along) may be a wish to become too sick to continue to govern, thus sparing himself the humiliation of a resounding defeat. Just a theory and a stretch at that, but when I looked at photos of the rallies and Comey reception, I thought, Just maybe.

But the denial of the severity of the illness is not conjecture, it’s observable, and deeply irresponsible. I am chilled by how many more Americans will become infected as a result of his cavalier words.

Greetings from Ottawa, Beth. Peeking through my fingers at what's going on in the U.S., and recalling that someone said we need to understand nihilism in order to make any sense of his behaviour. Because it's very dark.
Also, your nasturtium watercolour is really gorgeous--particularly love the way you painted the vase. ~Andrea

It's all just unbearable. And yet we must bear it.

Back to textbanking for the Dems. It is what little I can do.

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