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November 21, 2020


I wonder if you're getting restless in your hermitage, and itching to travel; the sea implies change and movement and foreign-ness, things I imagine a frequent traveler like yourself would begin to crave after too long at home. Good luck, hang in there -- 2020 is almost over!

ah Beth, I'm a Cape Codder with the family tree going back to the very first white settlers, yes that little boat.I grew up with Mashpee Indian friends and it is ironic I had no idea of our history until I received my grandmother's family research. We still own the 1842 house my sister and brothers are in that's been in the family maybe since it was built. My great grandparents ran a grocery store from it. The older relatives worked making glass in Sandwich.
I'd say that growing up near the ocean ruins you for being truly happy anywhere else. We talk about selling our fantastic property here in the mountains and moving back but don't know if we'll ever do it. There are so many problems on the Cape now, over crowding, water pollution, future flooding. Our old house is flood safe but the rest of the town gets hit and the sand dunes that protected it have washed away.
Long story, long, long story.

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