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December 16, 2020



Your colors are beautiful!

Oh, these colors are balm to my eye and my heart.

Love these! I've got my watercolors spread out on my table too but I don't do more than messing about with them yet. I do have a watercolor book on the way, illustrations you can color in. Enchanted Forest I think. And have you seen how paint by number is huge now? I have one coming from China with acrylics. I'm free of ambition but I have always loved color too. I am working on fixing my web sites.

We feel very very lucky because we were not able to travel before the pandemic because of elder care, for us to go anywhere requires a medical person, a home care aide for cooking and persnickety cat care! So our life is only somewhat more locked down, no shopping, no tai chi class. I highly recommend tai chi for everything.

I write this in a high ceiling room with four windows and a skylight and everything is sunny, blue and white because of the snow. We skied for the first time yesterday.

We're almost to the equinox and I figure we're on the way up at that point, I like to watch the days get longer. My frogs wake up mid April.

Yanno, you could do a great business in water color paint by number for those of us who don't have your drawing skills.

I recommend listening to Obama's new book! He reads it himself.

VR's weekly art group has of course failed to meet during 2020 and she came up with an idea intended to stir up members' under-used graphic skills. That each should create a Christmas card and that the original be despatched by snail-mail to a designated member; also that a scan of this card be emailed to me for posting somewhere on the web. As it was I had a blog (Tone Deaf renewed) which I had devised as a test site for New Blogger familiarisation and which wasn't doing very much. The display is now complete and can be seen at:


I even mobilised sufficient temerity to make my own contribution. Alas for your paean celebrating the benefits of colour, this is an area in which I have zero talent and I stuck to b&w.

Singing sustains me, notably the deceptively simple Quilter setting of Weep You No More Sad Mountains. For me it falls into the category I have christened Carefully Articulated Legato.

I liked your reference to putting your crayons into what I presume to be chromatic order. From such order bursts forth the unfettered force of imagination - as you show. Blessings.

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